Investment Advisors

The Directors have appointed Taliesin Management Limited (TML) and JJ Investment Management Limited (JJIM) to provide the Company with investment advisory services. Pursuant to the Investment Adviser Agreement, TML and JJIM are responsible for managing the Portfolio through the investments made in underlying entities and assets, in accordance with the investment objectives and strategy determined by the Directors.

Mark Smith - Chief Executive Officer of TML
Details of Mark Smith are set out in The Directors section.

Paul Luke - Chairman of TML
Paul Luke is co-founder and former chairman of Convivo Capital Management Ltd., a UK fund management company. He has worked in the City of London since 1977. Between 1977 and 1986 he worked at the Bank of England and the Cabinet Office. Thereafter, he held various senior investment banking positions within the West-Deutsche Landesbank and Deutsche Bank Groups, and was a director of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. He has been investing in the German property market since 1993. Mr. Luke graduated with first class honours (BSc Econ) from the University of Wales in 1974 and has published widely on markets, receiving several awards for his research.

Martin A. Kueffer - Managing Director of Taliesin Deutschland GmbH
Martin A. Kueffer is the Managing Director of Taliesin Deutschland GmbH (TDL), the Berlin subsidiary of Taliesin Management Limited. He joined TDL in 2007. Martin A. Kueffer studied economics at Humboldt-University in Berlin and at Jönköping International Business School, Sweden. He also has a degree as a Real Estate Economist from the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel and is a member of the Alumni Network Immoebs. Before joining TDL he worked as Senior Asset Manager for IMW Immobilien AG, one of the 5 biggest German public listed residential-commercial real estate companies at that time.

Paul G.S. Silver

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