Welcome to Taliesin

Taliesin Property Fund Limited (Taliesin) is an investment company, incorporated in Jersey with limited liability under the Companies Law and CIF Law. Having originally commenced business in 2006, Taliesin was admitted to the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in August 2007.

Taliesin was formed to invest in residential property in Berlin, where property prices had slumped to levels considerably below those prevailing in other German and European cities. Property prices have risen substantially in recent years, but are still below levels in other German cities. Meanwhile, individual apartment prices are at a premium to the price of whole buildings. In 2015, Taliesin began to take advantage of this disparity by splitting freeholds in their portfolio and selling off individual apartments. Taliesin still owns over 1,500 residential and commercial units.

Key Information Documents in relation to Taliesin’s Ordinary Shares and ZDP Shares can be found by clicking the relevant link.

last updated on 02/05/2018